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Event in a Tent

Laugharne Weekend Festival is special; informal and irreverent, with plenty of brilliant acts, musical and literary. I've wanted to go for ages so was really happy to be invited to read...

Spring Tree

Spring Fever: Creative Fervour

Spring is the most creative time for me. The coming summer is in the cool March sun down by the Taff, the path striped with tree-shadow,...

Reader Feedback From Felddorf

Reader Feedback from Felddorf

It’s ten days since publication of My Own Dear Brother and I’m starting to hear back from readers. OTHER people are now familiar with Felddorf...

Raffle Prizes

Publication Day

Depending on my state of mind, I think of the imminent publication of my debut novel, My Own Dear Brother, with soaring excitement or gut-bludgeoning...

Books in Box

My Own Dear Brother ARRIVES!

At the deliveryman’s knock I thunder downstairs. I follow him out to the back of his lorry to help with the boxes. Unsmiling, he hands...